Spring 2015

Last Updated May 10, 2015
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Raising the Bar: Nicolaus Balla and Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine take old-time preservation to new heights

chefs nicolaus balla and cortney burns of bar tartine in san francisco
Meet San Francisco’s reigning king and queen of funky fermentation. Nicolaus Balla and Cortney Burns, the DIY duo behind arguably this city...

Crawling Back with Cleaver

john birdsall nordstrom cafe by dan bransfield
I’m still haunted by the way it all just imperceptibly went to shit. In the 1980s, a boy took me on a lunch date to Greens restaurant. I...

Fujian Pork Noodle Soup

recipe for fujian pork noodl soup
From Crawling Back with Cleaver: Ong gave me the recipe, which he’d scribbled on scratch paper, a printout of a coupon from a sporting goods store (he and his wife have a couple of kids, both boys...

New Frontiers in Beer: Innovative brewers turn sour brew into sweet revelation

bartender pour beer at mikkeller bar in san francisco
For a long time, before Louis Pasteur came along and ruined everything, beer was sour by nature. The product of poor sanitation, ambient yeast and crowds of bacteria in the cracks of barrel staves,...

Garganelli with Prosciutto and Peas

This recipe can come together in a matter of minutes. It’s the kind of dish that shouldn’t be tweaked too much, because it’s so straightforward. Just let it float.

Asparagus Soup

asparagus soup illustration
The first time I made this soup, I knew I had done a good thing. It’s light, fresh, and tastes like spring. It brings the best of the vegetal flavors forward, and the lemon imparts a bright element.
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